irishkerry (irishkerry) wrote,

Photo archives

I've been taking a lot of photos these days, and finally got around to taking advantage of Yahoo!'s photo album archive system. It's pretty cool, at least for folks like me who like to share photos with others who might find them pleasing and/or useful, but who don't have the time to build and maintain much in the way of customized websites. Anyway, it's a work in progress, but if you visit you can see the first 2 albums of photos from my recent trip to the Colorado Plateau (they are Antelope Canyon and Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens) as well as one from right here at Mountain Lake, where my husband and I are just wrapping up a wonderful 4-day getaway (escaping before the Memorial Day mayhem). I'll be adding at least 3 more Colorado Plateau albums over the weekend, then -- oh joy! -- I can start on the backlog of other stuff I've got squirreled away.
Tags: photo archives

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